Sunday, 5 May 2013

Park Life

A couple of hours spent in the local park checking ties, stakes & guards around the native saplings planted over two years ago reaped plenty of rewards. The trees have held up well, with only a couple of losses. We cleared a 30cm circle of nettles and grass around each base to help rain water to access the roots (when it finally comes).

It's incredible that such a quick & simple job is so often ignored - motorway embankments are the worst, but it is amazing how often domestic plantings have young trees straining against guards that have fused with the bark. Removing them is risky, as it exposes young, weak bark which can then be vulnerable to rabbit or deer attack, but after an original outlay in guards, ties, stakes & decent well-sourced trees, surely a moment to check them each year is a worthwhile onward investment.

Tussling with the trees almost drowned out the plaintive squeals from the overflowing seeds waiting to be sown in my seedbox at home...

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