Sunday, 12 May 2013

Meat Eaters

Gardeners are incredible generous, whether sharing seeds, plants or opinions (whether good or bad!). It is always a joy to give a little, as the rewards are many fold. Did I mention the overflowing seed box? That is the result of student seed swaps when I pick up the half opened packets at the end of the session.

I put a couple of carnivorous plant fanatics in contact with each other recently, and one, Steve Walker from Wack's Wicked Plants offered the boys a plant each as a thank you. They trotted home delightedly with their plants, named Clarence, Bob & Yogi Bear. Woodlice were rooted out of the paving to give to them as their first meal, and their pots were put into rainwater. Next time, we will try not to leave one in reach of the puppy, who liberated Clarence merrily across the lawn. He is having a short stay at the Plant Doctor's (our sunny bedroom window ledge), in the hope he recovers from Post-Puppy Stress Disorder.

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