Sunday, 12 May 2013

Askham Bryan Plant Fest

A fantastic College Open Day, with plant sales, crafts & tree climbing. The boys skipped around trying a bit of everything, only lamenting they couldn't do double handed axe throwing like the 'big tree boys'.

We set up an area for seed sowing, using recycled containers, and about 50 children sprinkled, plonked and patted vegetable seeds into egg boxes, mini cereal packets, crisp tubes, juice cartons and flat sided water bottles. Debz & I cut the bases of plastic bottles into flowers to attach to lolly sticks to make plant labels, and tiny wooden stick-on ladybirds decorated each confection (& a couple of grown ups' lapels too).

In the lull, I sowed a crafty tray or two or overdue seeds for the allotment (squash, kale, corn, sorrel), using some of the compost floor sweepings. After opening a bag of compost at home to find little more than a mass of chewed sticks, the floor sweepings seem quite a viable prospect.

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