Thursday, 21 August 2014

Shed 7

Gardeners are a generous bunch, and one of the reasons I love what I do is sharing information, cuttings & gossip with a myriad of other gardeners, from all walks of life. I was approached to contribute to an article recently on successful vegetable growing, by a local shed manufacturer.
As well as turning my mind to growing, and the state of the allotment (ahem), I inevitably found myself daydreaming about sheds. We have a range of shedage chez Darwin, that are not without their own controversy. Mr Darwin is rather fond of sheds, and was delighted when we moved in to find we had inherited a classic 8’x6’ Apex. However, along with the house, decrepitude had set in, and we soon realised that the contents of the shed (which hadn’t been cleared out by the estate of the vendor) were holding the structure in place. I knew there was a purpose for hundreds of charity collection bags, that had been stacked in the cavity where a decent lawnmower would reside.
We replaced Shed1 with Son of Shed, a similarly sized Pent with a view to eventually slap a green roof on (again, ahem). With our growing family, I accepted a free chest freezer to store our allotment fruit, emergency milk & reduced price loaves of bread from the Co-op. Mr Darwin was not happy. I had infringed a man law. He bought a bike shed (Shed2). And then moved the children’s bikes into my plastic lean to (Plastic Shed 3). He colonised the stone lean to that had been lined & waterproofed as a general store (Shed 4). He bought a second hand shed for the allotment (Shed5). We were given a wooden chest for recycling & garden toys (Shed6). I mentioned that Shed2 needed a little tlc as it is wobbling. The reply? “I have plans to replace it with something else when it collapses”. Shed7.

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