Sunday, 13 November 2011

Radish Blue...

Last year I got a selection of different vegetable seeds to try. I love trying new crops, as long as they are easy to grow, and was particularly intrigued by a European radish.
Labelled Radish 'Hilds Blauer Herbst und Winter', I sowed a row in the spring as a catch-crop, to fill a gap whilst the soil warmed up & we got more organised with our weeding & sowing.

As usual, I lost the seed packet within minutes, so I pulled a few early when they were small to try at home. Man alive, they were hot! Having retrieved the packet, I realised they should be left until the autumn to crop, and are usually served sliced & salted & served with German beer. They have formed the most beautiful lilac honey scented flowers that have been covered with pollinators, and are worth growing for these alone.

I have saved lots of seeds (the pods can be eaten when young), which I will sow again, and enjoy giving a few away. The roots are still as hot as before, but work really well as an annual horseradish, especially in a beetroot relish recipe by Pam Corbin for River Cottage
I just hope they store as well as the packet suggests...we still have a dozen blue radishes the size of baking potatoes...

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